The Idea

Stolen Register is a worldwide unified database of lost and stolen property. The main idea behind the service is providing access to individuals and businesses to information that could protect them from buying stolen property or helping find and recover lost items.

Free data

Access to the data is completely free, as is the feature to report a new missing property. Data is gathered by the community as people register their items by themselves. No registration is required to check if an item is reported as lost or stolen. And no authentication is required to use the search and browse item data.


We do not store any passwords! We are using Facebook as an authentication provider. The only information we request from Facebook is your basic info like name and email address. It is required so we can contact you regarding your missing items. Your email will not be publicly available, but your name and phone number will be visible on your items' details page. You can change those details during item reporting. You can read more about how we use and protect your data in our Privacy Policy.

Item Types

The list of the items you can report is constantly changing, depending on users’ usage. You are allowed to report anything that you find suitable by choosing the Other category, if there is no specialized category added. The current list of item types that has their own categories is:

  • Bicycles - Road bicycles, Mountain bicycles, Race bicycles, BMX bikes or other
  • Cameras or Equipment - Cameras, lenses, flashes or any other photographic equipment
  • Cars and Trucks - Cars, trucks, buses, trailers, campers or other (please note that there is special Motorcycle category)
  • Computers or Equipment - Desktop computers, monitors, printers, scanners or any other related office equipment
  • Game Consoles - XBOX, PlayStation, Wii, or other
  • GPS Devices - GPS navigation devices for vehicles, or handheld for hiking or other activities
  • Laptops - Laptops, Notebooks, Ultrabooks, Netbooks or other
  • Motorcycles - Standard motorcycles, Cruisers, Sport bikes, Touring, Scooters, Motoreds or other
  • Other Electronics - TV Sets, Receivers, Amplifiers, DVD Players, Speakers or anything else you find suitable
  • Phones - Smartphones like iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or tough phones like Nokia 3310 :)
  • Players (iPod, MP3) - Portable audio and video players like iPods, MP3 Players, MP4 players, CD Players, Walkmans or other
  • Sports - Sports equipment like snowboards, surfboards, longboards, surfs, skates, skis or other
  • Tablets - iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, Microsoft Surface or other
  • Weapons - Pistols, Revolvers, Shotguns, Machine guns, Rifles, Rocket Launchers :)
  • Other - Here you can post about anything you lost. If you are in doubt about what category to use, just use other or contact us with a feedback of what categories you would like added or removed


We will really appreciate any feedback you may have. New item types, UI improvements, just thoughts, any feedback is good so don't hesitate to contact us, we will do our best to make you happy! :)
Feedback Form


Your help finding and recovering a missing item may be rewarded, for more information see individual item details. Owners are able to provide reward for information that can help recover their missing item. Please not that money and other rewards are not provided via the Stolen Register service. You will have to negotiate this directly with the owner using our item information contact form.